Custom ornamental aluminum Gate

Custom ornamental aluminum driveway gate

Custom ornamental aluminum driveway gate. Charlotte NC


BlueFlag Services. 704-245-0119  Custom Aluminum Gates.

We build nearly 300 custom aluminum gates in North Carolina. Driveway Gates, Yard gates, Fence gates.  Over 100 different styles to match the various tastes of our customers.


Black Custom Aluminum Driveway Gate

Black Custom Aluminum Driveway Gate


This is a custom aluminum Driveway gate we built for a customer near Concord, NC in 2012. This gate was heavy and built to last.  Your seeing it as we are finishing up the installation of the gate.

installation of an aluminum driveway gate near Concord NC

Delivering a new Aluminum Driveway Gate

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Custom Aluminum Driveway Gates. North Carolina

custom driveway gate builder in charlotte nc

Custom Gate Builder, Charlotte NC

BlueFlag built this custom aluminum gate for a customer in Harrisburg, NC in 2012.  This was a very special project as the gate was made of 1/4″ aluminum 3″ x  3″ square tubing and the pickets and rings were solid cast aluminum. Weight was the issue with this gate, which was solved by custom making some aluminum block hinges out a some solid aluminum bar. This aluminum driveway gates price was $3689.00

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Custom iron and wood work in Charlotte North Carolina

Custom wood gate with iron medalion.

Custom iron work for Wood driveway gate.

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repair wood drive way gates in Charlotte, NC

BlueFlag Fence company repairs driveway gates in Charlotte, NC. Concord, NC. We can repair gate posts, gate latches, kane bolts.

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Custom wood driveway gates

We build, install, repair and sell custom wood driveway gates. Steel and wood gates. yard gates. Call 704-237-0743

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Custom wood Fence Building in Charlotte North Carolina

Welcome to our Blog about wood fence. Wood fence designs. Wood fence installation in the North Carolina area. If you live in Charlotte you already know that putting up wood fence isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. 

Custom Wood fence Installed By Charlotte Wood Fence Company. BlueFlag Fence Comapny of Charlotte NC.

Beautiful Wood fences Installed in Charlotte NC.

Whether you do it your self or let us do it for you there are some choices to make before you get started.

Dog eared fence. Concave wood fence. Split Rail Fence

100's of stlyes of Wood fence.

First you have to pick a design. The chart above may help you.

Split rail fence is the easiest to install and the cheapest to buy if you are concerned about cost. Sometimes split rail fence is accompanied by wire fencing nailed to it by fencing nails to futher restrict access where neccessary.

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